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Sally Brownbill is Australia’s most respected creative intermediary.

Sally Brownbill stands at the forefront of the Australian photographic and creative industry. A trained commercial photographer, she is now one of Australia’s most highly respected creative intermediaries. A much sought-after judge, lecturer, and keynote speaker, Brownbill has developed a professional reputation in Australia and overseas as the authoritative voice on folio construction, career advice, and editing images for exhibition and web.

Brownbill comes in with a fresh set of eyes and ears and looks at the work from a totally different perspective to the creator. She helps to make sense of the images and has a very real talent for being able to create a folio that not only impresses, but one that the creator can feel proud of, and, most importantly, show their personality in. She understands that editing your own images is a tough thing to do.

For more than 15 years, Brownbill has been running individual sessions with photographers and other creatives to guide them through image selection, career questions, along with being a great source of inspiration and helping them to reignite and realise their passion. See more at sallybrownbill.com