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Paul Hoelen

Paul Hoelen is a six-time Tasmanian Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Paul Hoelen is a Master of Photography in the AIPP and Fellow of the NZIPP, two-time Overseas Photographer of the Year in New Zealand, three-time Tasmanian Professional Photographer of the Year, and current and seven-time Tasmanian Landscape Photographer of the Year. He judges regularly at a state, national, and international level, runs photo workshops worldwide, and writes for numerous publications and magazines.

He is a member of the progressive modern landscape photography collaborative, The Light Collective, and his fine art work is represented by Source Photographica and One Fine Print in Australia and overseas.

Although most renowned for his landscape work, particularly from an aerial perspective in recent years, he is a very skilled and highly experienced event, documentary, and portrait photographer, and is also the 2018 runner-up for the AIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year (Tasmania). See more of his work at paulhoelen.com